Small City Blues

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Saxon Colchester Blues Band

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Lil' Harmoneeze

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In the spring of 2005 there was a large runoff and the Souris River in Southeast Saskatchewan was unusually murky all summer. In the same year near that same river a recording studio was assembled and introduced to the province. Murky Water Records opened with the good fortune of recording the late classical pianist Marylou Dawes over a one week period. The result was a CD release of Beethoven Sonatas. Murky Water Recordsí studio went on to record other western Canadian artists such as Violet Timmins, Katherine Christy, Darcy Bluesman Schmidt, Lil' Harmoniez, The Saxon Colchester Blues Band, Air Ticket, Small City Blues, Switch, Junkyard Pioneers and many others, including the return of Marylou Dawes for the recording and release of the Kabalevsky Preludes.
Murky Water Records is a recording studio/production facility in the beautiful Southeast part Saskatchewan, Canada in the City of Weyburn which is about 1 hr from Saskatchewan's capital city, Regina. Weyburn has a population of 12,000 and you'll find many hotels, restaurants and bars as well as a nearby lake with camping. There are museums and other places of interest in Weyburn including a heritage village. There is also a full inventory music store just incase you need a set of strings or equipment rental.  
Murky Water Studios features an array of classic vintage equipment combined with modern digital technology which was built by musicians for musicians. Our primary focus is recording and mixing music for bands and artists either in our studio or on location. Our comfortable home based studio can accommodate a full band easily for live off the floor recording and at the same time we have a great cozy vibe for the solo artist.
Our studio recording gear is completely mobile and we are able to offer 24 track capabilities using a Tascam 24 track hard disk recorder and studio microphones. We have experience recording in small clubs, large venues, halls, cabins and churches. Whether it be a demo, single, EP, or full-length album, we can accurately document and shape your music for release on CD and vinyl.
Murky Water Production Facilities offer audio tracking, mixing and mastering, graphic design, CD recording and small run duplication, photography and more.

Murky Water Production Facilities offer audio mastering, graphic design, CD recording and duplicating, photography and more.


Marylou Dawes
Violet Timmins
Thor Kolbinson
Air Ticket
Katherine Lubeck