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Saxon Colchester Blues Band

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Junkyard Pioneers have been described as Led Zeppelin meets Judas Priest. If you are lucky enough to catch ...

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Junkyard Pioneers
In the spring of 2008 there was a large runoff and the Souris River in Southeast Saskatchewan was unusually murky all summer. In the same year near that same river a recording studio was assembled and a record label introduced to the world. Murky Water Records opened with the recording of classical pianist Marylou Dawes over a one week period. The result was a CD release featuring Beethovenís sonata op. 27 no.2 more popularly known as the Moonlight Sonata among other pieces. Murky Water Recordsí studio went on to record other western Canadian artists such as Violet Timmins, Katherine Lubeck, The Saxon Colchester Blues Band and many others.

Murky Water Production Facilities offer audio mastering, graphic design, CD recording and duplicating, photography and more.


Marylou Dawes
Violet Timmins
Thor Kolbinson
Air Ticket
Katherine Lubeck
Murky Water Records is an independent record label/recording studio/production facility based in beautiful Southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada. As an independent label, our aim is to combine the feel of the music with the feel of the artist which often gets lost in the highly commercial world of today's music industry. With an ever growing distribution network Murky Water Recordsí artist promotion is well on its way to achieving excellence.

Murky Water Studios features an array of classic vintage equipment combined with modern digital technology, built by musicians for musicians. The control room features a large 44 channel mixing desk with hardware/software configurations capable of recording up to 80 live inputs simultaneously and virtually unlimited stereo tracks at mixdown that can be transformed into 5.1 surround sound with sample rates up to 192kHz for HD and DVD quality audio.  Also available is a large selection of digital effect plug-ins as well as outboard gear and excellent selection of microphones. There are many instruments available to musicians and selection of new and vintage valve amps. The live room also has an 88 key electric piano and electric and analog drums kits.